FB Exciter

FB Exciter is the highly effective Facebook Messenger marketing software that you can generate for just $515.00. It is the complete campaign set and forgets. James Knight et al. designed this product to collect thousands of leads. It is the world’s first bulk message sender to your Facebook Messenger Subscribers. This lead builder makes sure new users message and also engage with your pages. FB Exciter is the set of tools that make you more than $897 within 24 hours. It includes the embed YouTube Videos in the Messenger In-Box. The only one lead of this product valuable than 50k email leads. With this FB Exciter, it is the perfect alternative to the email marketing and the conversion rates increase.


If you have even a tiny bit of experience with email marketing, then you know that open rates (the amount of people who actually read your emails) are extremely important. For an average email open rate, most online businesses are looking at about a 23% — meaning that just about 1 out of 4 subscribers will read your emails. However, in many cases, you can also see open rates as little as under 10% for those businesses who are doing OK — unless they have several hundred thousands of leads to mail to.

But FB Exciter Is 10x more powerful than email marketing. Without a doubt, Email Marketing 100% works and is a powerful model that anyone can utilize to build a sustainable, online business. With 4 out of every 5 people having smartphones, nowadays, and Facebook Messenger being much more easily accessible than email, it is slowly falling to the shades. Not to mention deliverability rate and the possibility of your emails being lost into the cyberspace and to never be seen again. To sum all of this up, if Email Marketing were to go toe-to-toe with our heavy-hitter, FB Exciter, it would lose every time. Email Marketing is the past, and FB Exciter is the future!

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